Calgary Music Spotlight: Cindy McLeod

SPOTLIGHT on Cindy McLeod

Cindy is a professional jazz vocalist and recording artist based in Calgary, AB. Launching her professional music career in 1978, she's has since shared the stage with Canadian jazz notables such as Miles Black, Rick Kilburn, Bob Erlendson, Linton Garner, Brian Buchanan, Tommy Banks, Sandro Dominelli and P.J. Perry, among them. She has also performed/recorded with international artists including Keith Copeland (Frankfurt), Quyen Van Minh (Vietnam), Victor Mestas (Venezuela) and Roberto Aymes (Mexico City), to name a but a few. Cindy has released three critically acclaimed albums; Easy Living (1996); Ask Me Now (2002) and Conversation With Love (2005). A talented lyricist, Cindy has composed lyrics for jazz instrumentals penned by the masters and in collaborations with composers from Canada, Mexico and Venezuela.

Twitter: @jazzelements