Calgary Music Spotlight: Forbidden Dimension

Track: Gag Order

The Forbidden Dimension was hatched in 1988, owned and operated by guitarist/vocalist/illustrator Jackson Phibes (AKA Tom Bagley). For nearly 25 years, the lyrical focus has been on the pulpy, insidious side of the tracks, while the musical slant has continued to filter wayward influences ranging from 60’s garage punk and 70’s proto-metal to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Henry Mancini. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, F.D. had the opportunity to record a clutch of obscure singles on various small labels, along with a trio of albums for Cargo Records, which can be found moldering in the music collections of discerning miscreants throughout the globe. In 2007, Phibes and his cohorts (drummer P.T. Bonham and bassist H.P. Lovesauce) teamed up with the Calgary-based Saved By Vinyl - ******* to release A Cool Sound Outta Hell. This was followed in late 2011 by the current album, The Golden Age of Lasers.