Calgary Music Spotlight: Knucklehead

SPOTLIGHT on Knucklehead

Knucklehead is a punk rock group formed in Calgary in 1994. Fast tempos and chanting gang vocals are mainstays of their song structures and socio-political themes are intertwined in many of their lyrics. The band initially started with high school friends Clayton MacNeill, Matt Young and Kyle Hegel. After a few iterations, the lineup has now been consistent since 2003 with the original three members being joined by Jimmy James and Eric Jablonski to round out the five-piece band. Knucklehead has put out five full-length albums in addition to various releases on vinyl, but the band is best appreciated at a live venue. Known for their raucous, beer soaked, sing-along live shows, the band has taken to the road on multiple jaunts down to the USA and have partaken in many tours across Canada. Knucklehead will continue to be loud, high-energy and in your faceā€¦.so watch out!