Calgary Music Spotlight: The Nancees

SPOTLIGHT on The Nancees

In a city with rock ’n’ roll roots, underground garage undertones and mainstream indie music disenchantment, there comes a snotty, reverb-drenched, punkish, young reaction! Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you The Nancees. In a binary musical world where lo-fi and reverb are linked to a “garage revival” style, The Nancees come out with their live show, a bone-crushing wall of sound that maintains a killer four/four caveman groove. The Nancees are sophisticated primitives in an electric world. Two years ago in a dark unswept and unkempt basement The Nancees were formed over green bottles, red stained teeth and a love for the gritty old sounds of shared 45’s. After experimenting with what little equipment they had, they decided to stop playing three instruments through the same blown out Peavey amp, scraped up some cash and bought some equipment that worked. Since then The Nancees have put out a 4 songs cassette tape and are working on a full length LP with a 45 to follow.