Paul Hardy: Living a Life of Style

Paul Hardy: Living a Life of Style

Written by Rosella Chibambo

Having a good sense of style: why it matters
“Living with style can act as an important gauge as the visible letter one is writing about themselves to others around them. … How one lives is often a tangible reflection of the worthiness that one places on themselves.”
—Paul Hardy, president, Paul Hardy Design

Style starts with a state of mind
Internationally acclaimed designer Paul Hardy believes style starts with nurturing your inner confidence and the willingness to try new things. He emphasizes the importance of starting with your mood in order to live a chic life, and offers up his advice on how to let your style radiate from within.

Give your mindset a makeover
It’s easy to feel as though you never have time to hit the town in that chic outfit you’ve been hiding in your closet. But it’s time to dig out your killer duds, says Hardy, who believes it’s important to create opportunities to feel fabulous and to always be prepared to show off the best of yourself.
“Wear heels grocery shopping, have a picnic in the park in a cocktail dress, wear sequins for daytime,” says Hardy. “Stylish living is a state of being.”

Make the finer details in your life stylish
Hardy says it’s hard to feel truly stylish if your home and everything else around you is drab, so make a point of turning these mundane little elements into things that remind you of the beauty in everyday life. It can be as easy as throwing a fresh bouquet of flowers into your grocery cart every week to decorate your home.

Build a network of stylish friends.
“Stylish living is reflected in the company one keeps,” says Hardy. “It is often said that one becomes a product of the 10 people they surround themselves with most.” Build an eclectic group of good friends and acquaintances that will stir up your worldview. They will help prevent your sense of style from stagnating by exposing you to new looks and perspectives and an openness to style choices.
Where to get style support
Knowing where to get the look you envision isn’t always easy. But, with a style advisor, even the most bewildered would-be fashionistas will find exactly what they want.

The Core: With more than 30 years of combined experience in the fashion industry, the Core’s personal stylists, Carl Abad and Crystal McKenzie, will help you find the right look from this downtown shopping hub’s myriad of shops.

Southcentre Mall: Whether you are looking to spruce up your work, casual or evening looks, Southcentre Mall stylist Kim Flanagan will help you look good without looking. At last, shopping made easy.

Holt Renfrew: Holt Renfrew offers a complimentary personal shopper service and consultation on your existing wardrobe, leaving no excuse for not finding that perfect look.