The truck stops here!

Street food revolution is on a roll in YYC

Story by Tara MacKinnon
Photo by Shane Yuhas

Last year, YYC’s culinary landscape was forever changed when the city, in conjunction with local entrepreneurs, simultaneously launched seven unique food trucks. Recently, a new pack of trucks have been added to the roster, and there are more surprises on the horizon (including a cupcake truck).

So what’s the best way to find a truck? You can start by following @yycfoodtrucks on Twitter for daily location updates and info about the program, or go directly to the source and follow your favourite trucks individually on Twitter or Facebook. For a taste of what’s available so far, look for one of the following food trucks at a location near you.


Alley burger food truck
Alley burger
It all started with burgers being served in the alley behind the famous Charcut Roast House. Transforming into a mobile concept, the truck (headed up by chef Mike Batke, or “Alley Burger Mike” as he is known) has captured taste buds with the original Alley Burger featuring a Spragg Farms pork and roasted garlic sausage patty, cheese curds and a piri piri aioli. Or create your own with the Whole Truck Burger featuring 100 per cent Angus beef and your choice of toppings. Be sure to try Alley Burger’s awesome poutine with Quebec cheese curds. Stay tuned to the Food Network for Alley Burger’s appearance on the popular Eat Street show.
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Blamwich Sandwich
Blamwich Sandwich
Creating a whole new meaning for the term sandwich artist, Blam!Wich heroically body slams its competitors with tasty numbers like the Bacon Storm (do we really need to explain this?), The Canadian Kid (a master class in grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup) and the Fritter Zenwich (zucchini fritter, chipotle mayo, pickled onions and grilled cheese).
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What good is heat without a little sweet? When you stop by the Fiasco gelato truck (they serve soup in the winter), you’re in for a world of handcrafted goodness — keep your eye out for flavours like blueberry basil sorbetto or white chocolate chai gelato. You might also want to try Fiasco’s pearl sugar waffles, topped with bourbon vanilla bean gelato and your choice of topping, like raspberry caramel, white chocolate pistachio, Nutella or lavender honey. Did we mention they make their own artisan popsicles and gelato sandwiches too?
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Fries & Dolls
Fries & Dolls
These gals may be the sweetest sisters ever and their crispy, medium-cut fries are to die for. Serving up a nice range of gluten-free gourmet French fries (and smokies) with a wide array of toppings, this duo de force delivers awesome mobile snacks. Not only that, but their hot pink truck and polka-dotted aprons are way cute. With names like Farrah, Fergie, and Marianne & Ginger, these dishes are total babes. Try the Sophia fries topped with truffle oil and Grana Padano cheese.
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Get fantastically smoked ribs and pulled-pork sandwiches on-the-go from Calgary’s own queen of the barbecue, Jody Barned. This former “pit master” from The Palomino Smokehouse has all the fixin’s for a proper low ’n’ slow barbecue experience, including killer coleslaw and corn fitters.
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For a rolling taste of Mexico, stop by the Los Compadres truck for their fresh and authentic takes on dishes like tacos pastor, tortas, quesadillas, carnitas and zesty adobada tacos. Follow us on Twitter @loscompadresmx

Brunch time! Get your fill of breakfast delights like eggs benedict and corned beef hash from Calgary’s original brunch truck. Try the Kingpin with a handmade pork patty, fried egg, tomato and cheese on an egg-dipped bun.
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Naan taco anyone? Featuring three delectable options (chickpea fritter, butter chicken or beef vindaloo), Naaco’s locally sourced, organic ingredients will keep you coming back for more. All naacos are topped with a fresh salad and your choice of chutney. Be sure to save room for Naaco’s “s’moresa,” a dessert samosa made with Callebaut chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows.
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How about some pho to go? Noodle Bus features fast, fresh Vietnamese cuisine with tasty dishes like sugarcane shrimp skewers, vermicelli bowls, salad rolls, and chicken or beef pho. And if that doesn’t fill you up, you may want to add a little pep to your step with a Vietnamese iced coffee and deep-fried banana fritters for dessert.
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Perogy Boyz
Perogy Boyz
Throw your fork in the air and wave it like a revolutionary foodie. Brought to us by the guys behind Taste Restaurant, the Perogy Boyz menu features a twist on Eastern European-inspired street food. Handmade by some of Calgary’s greatest babas, visitors can get anything from the traditional cheese and onion perogies, to new combinations like ground duck and Saskatoon berry with chive ponzu. Don’t forget the kielbasa and borscht!
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A taste of Italy curbside. Serving up pizzas dressed with quality ingredients like Italian organic tomatoes, fresh basil, premium meats and real cheeses, Chef Mario’s pies are hand-tossed on the spot and finished with extra virgin olive oil.
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Brought to us from the folks at Holy Grill, this steak-o-rama on wheels specializes in steak sandwiches made with local prime rib and served on handmade toasted ciabatta. Try the steak and potato sandwich topped with matchstick potatoes, sour cream, homemade bacon bits and chives. All sandwiches come with your choice of handcrafted sauce — from jus to Dijon and horseradish mayo. And if you’re not in the mood for a sandwich try SteakOut’s signature steak bites.
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