Well Known Calgarian: Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Mayor Naheed Nenshi Shares His WOW Moment

Name: Naheed Nenshi

Occupation: Mayor of Calgary

WOW Moment: Calgary Folk Festival

"I am wowed by this wonderful city every single day. There are amazing vistas, breathtaking achievements and acts of kindness small and large all under the limitless Prairie sky.

 But every year, at the end of July, after the sun sets on a warm summer evening, I find myself sitting on a tarp on an island in the middle of the city and listening to amazing music at the Calgary Folk Music Festival.

Then a beautiful parade of illuminated handmade lanterns wends its way through the crowd. They are held by children and adults, guiding us all home safely. It's at that moment when I am happiest to be in Calgary."

Photo and content reprinted with permission from the Calgary Herald



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