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Sample four seasons of Wild West flavours

Around here fresh air and wide-open spaces produce unforgettable delicacies. We're known for our beef, of course, but a vibrant immigrant community makes for some exceptional regional cuisine too. Watch for our many food or wine festivals to sample the best of the rest of the world, or head straight for red meat and assorted other fine dining fare.

Restaurants featuring yummy, waist-friendly foods:

The Coup

A modern restauraunt dedicated to providing a vibrant atmosphere and creative vegetarian fare while promoting local, whole and organic foods.


Nightly features with their specialties being flat bread style pizzas, homemade pastas, along with many different appetizers, salads, and entrees, something to suit everyone's tastes.


Albertan Food Everyday. Delicious warm foods inspired by our Province and all the great local suppliers who bring their product right to the door. FARM works closely with farmers who care for their animals and respect the land to create daily features that showcase local bison, lamb, pork, beef, fish....


Employing a guest-centric philosophy and using only the freshest ingredients, to carefully selected wines and hand-picked staff, Alloy strives to infuse passion for food, wine, and customer service into everything they do.

Home Tasting Room

“Home” is that place where you always feel invited and welcomed. A warm and friendly atmosphere that lends itself to both business and pleasure, be it a power lunch, a quick bite before the theatre, or a dinner for that special occasion.

Festivals for Foodies