Thrill Seekers

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Do not read below if you have a heart condition or are under 42” tall

Calgary offers plenty of crazy ways to flirt with danger. Defy death and gravity at one of Calgary’s rock climbing centres. Experience 5Gs aboard a bobsled at WinSport. Test your luck riding whitewater in the Rocky Mountains – or even a rodeo bull.

WinSport Zipline

Let WinSport take your breath away on an unforgettable rip down the zipline. WinSport offers year-round activities for families and adventurers: skiing, zipline, snowboarding, bobsleigh, luge, mountain biking, and more.

WinSport Mountain Biking

Grab your mountain bike and hit the 25km of trails hard and fast at WinSport. Most of them point downhill, so hold on tight! Get lots of runs in as a high-speed chairlift takes you back to the top.

Stampede Midway

Get ready for all kinds of altered states of equilibrium from a lineup of almost 40 major rides! If you found out that rides aren't your thing, the games will be making a return as well! From Ring Toss to Whack a Mole, there will be a game calling your name.

Stampede Chuckwagons at the Rail

Pounding of hooves and trembling of the ground can mean only one thing - Stampede Chuckwagon races. You’ll witness all the heart-stopping action as 36 drivers, 288 horses and their teams of outriders vie for huge prize money!

Rodeo in the Infield

Rodeo’s roughest champions and the ranch’s toughest stock together. That’s the Calgary Stampede Rodeo. Head-to-head for ten days leading into Wildcard Saturday and Showdown Sunday – the biggest one-day prize in pro rodeo.

Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall during Stampede

Rodeo’s home in Calgary. Enjoy country music and cowboy style all year in an old-west saloon. Ranchman’s regulars wear cowboy hats and big belt buckles year-round on horseback – even bull back.

Calgary Zoo - Behind the Scenes

Ever dreamed of being a zookeeper? Spend the day with the zoo's animal care staff and help them prepare meals, feed animals, clean habitats, change exhibits, learn about our animal enrichment program, Species Survival Plans and much more.

Hot Air Ballooning

Imagine floating high in the air over Calgary, taking in the city skyline, Rocky Mountains, and rolling foothills. Enjoy the hot air balloon ride as you take in this unique perspective.

Calaway Park

Spend a warm summer day indulging in all the food, fun, and thrill inducing rides that Calaway Park has to offer. Western Canada's Largest Outdoor Family Amusement Park, has 32 rides, 23 skill testing games, 24 food locations, 5 attractions, live entertainment, free parking and all the family fun you can handle!

Outdoor Centre, U of C, Equipment Rentals

So, you're in Calgary, and the mountains, snow, ice or trails are beckoning. Loudly. Only thing is, you didn't bring your gear. Well, not to worry. It just so happens that the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre has a lot of equipment, and they'd like to rent it to you.

The Glenmore Reservoir

The Glenmore Reservoir not only provides half a million Calgarians with drinking water, it also provides a plentiful source of family summer entertainment including sailing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Thrill seekers warning: the activities listed above and similar activities are considered hazardous and extremely fun.