4 Ways to Relax at the CORE

When you think of the holidays, you probably think about packed malls and crammed parking lots, but what if we told you there was place that not only offered amazing shopping, but that it was also a relaxing place to shop, dine and entertain during the year’s busiest month?

The Core features about 160 retailers, including the flagship stores for Holt Renfrew, Harry Rosen, H&M and Brooks Brothers, making it one of the city’s top shopping destinations, but it also offers up several ways to make the most of your holiday shopping without feeling the stress normally associate with this time of year!

Here are four ways to relax at The Core:


Yes, you read that right.  Even though the Core is right in the middle of downtown Calgary, customers get free parking after 4 pm on weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sundays. That’s right, the first 3 hours of parking is free and after that a $2 flat fee applies. Not to mention that it’s heated and we can all agree that there’s nothing better after a long day of holiday shopping than getting into a warm car. 

If you want your parking experience to be even more relaxing, The Core also offers complimentary Valet Parking Service! The service is only available during mall hours. Applicable parking fees do apply; however, the service is free. The weekday CORE parking rate for Valet parking is $6 for the first hour. Each additional 20 minutes is $2, up to a daily maximum of $30. If you choose to visit the CORE on evenings or weekends (for a maximum of 3 hours) both the Valet service and the parking rate are free of charge.

Parking the Car


Trying to find the perfect gift for everyone your list can be stressful, so why not take a break in The Core’s tropical oasis? Devonian Gardens is a giant (one hectare) gardenlocated on the mall’s top floor!  It features several ponds, as well as, 550 tropical palm trees, 18 species of plants and 10,000 shrubs.  It’s the perfect place to rest your wary feet and take a break from the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping.
 Father and Son at Devonian Gardens


While you’re busy crossing names off of your shopping list, you might want to take some time to pamper yourself. Why not? It’s your holidays too!  The Core offers a couple of plays when you treat yourself. Eveline Charles Salon offers services likes massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. And for the guys, Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop offer several straight-blade shaves that give you a chance to both relax and look fantastic for a season full of parties. 

Tommy Gun's Barbershop


We all have them. People who are impossible to shop for.  It can be stressful and you can waste countless hours in the mall trying to find the perfect gift. But what if someone could do the hard work for you?  The Core’s Personal Stylists know the mall inside and out and can work with any budget. Set up an appointment with one of them and watch as they whisk you off to find an impeccable gift, without even breaking a sweat.

- By Mike Morrison