5 Ways to Rock the River

1. Float down the Bow River.

Grab your inner tube and go where the river meets the mountain and see Banff at its best, with only the rush of water and the wind moving in the pines as background noise. 

2. Fish in the heart of the city.

Spend the afternoon where the Bow River winds through the core of Calgary.  World renowned for fly-fishing, the Bow River has multiple spots to tuck away and experience the earthy content of a good fishing trip- right in the heart of the city!

3. Paddle your canoe.      

Start your day with an early morning coffee in Calgary as you head west of the city where you can begin your paddle at Ghost Dam.  Spend the day paddling a 27 km stretch of the Bow River which will treat you to heart-pumping class II rapids, a view of the old cargo trains which wind past the river, and a restful lunch-time break on Wildcat Island. Finish off the day in the quaint town of Cochrane where you can be sure to find a well earned ice cream.

4. A tisket, a tasket, bring your picnic basket.

Trek down to Princess Island Park- located on its own island in the heart of Calgary. Bring your own picnic basket or stop by the River Cafe for delicious sunny afternoon eats.

5. Peruse the pathway.

Calgary is home to 700 km of river pathway- the longest network in North America. Bike, run, or stroll the Bow River Pathway which winds its way through some of the most well-loved parts of the city. Be sure to stop and take in the natural beauty of the river and skip a few stones!