6 Unique Finds at CF Chinook Centre

We all have those hard to shop for people on our Christmas lists. You know the ones, the people that buy something the second they want it, making it impossible to find them something completely unique for the holidays. 

Well if you’re feeling a bit stuck, chances are good that CF Chinook Centre might just have what you’re looking for, because with more than 250 stores, they’re stocked with unique gifts that you can only get at Chinook!  

Here’s your guide to unique to Chinook Christmas gifts! 


Chinook is also home to the only Microsoft store in all of Calgary. Since opening a few months ago, the store has been packed with eager fans looking to get their hands on fantastic tablets, phones and Xboxes.   The store is also a great place for those who love gadgets like the MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer, which is one of the easiest and most affordable 3D printers on the market and it’s exclusively available at the Microsoft store. 

 Microsoft | Chinook Centre


As the only official Lego in Calgary, you’ll often find kids of all ages (even grown ups) wandering around the store in awe at all the amazing things the imagination can build with Lego. And this Christmas, you’ll be able to both decorate and get the perfect unique gift with The Winter Village Collection Christmas set, which is also exclusive to the Lego Store. The collection features some of your favourite holiday settings…they just need your help building. But because it’s Lego, that’s always part of the fun! 

LEGO | Chinook Centre


Since it opened a few months ago, Canada’s only Nordstrom has not only been the talk of the town, it’s been the envy of an entire country.  Packed with exclusive finds and stylish gift ideas, chances are pretty good that Nordstrom might have the perfectly unique gift that you’re looking for.  The Mac beauty set MAC Keepsakes, is limited edition Nordstrom exclusive, so it’s sure to be the surprise you’re hoping for! 

Nordstrom | Chinook Centre | Visit Calgary


Discovery Hut is a Calgary-based company, that’s become a hit with Chinook shoppers looking for amazing toys that spur children’s imagination and creativity. The store features huge selection of toys, including the Calico Critters, which are creating a lot of buzz this holiday season. Or should we say squeaks? Calico Critters are cute, little, soft and fuzzy animals, and kids are already clamouring for them. 

Discovery Hut | Chinook Centre | Visit Calgary


Like it or not, the winters are long in Calgary, so the gift of warmth is never one to be taken lightly, especially if it’s delicious. The Bay in Chinook is home to the only NESPRESSO Boutique in the city and it features dozens of different types of machines that help you make the perfect cup of joe each and every time.  The boutique also features the famous Nespresso blends that have wowed coffee fans around the world. 

Nespresso | Visit Calgary


One of the first rules of fashion is to stand up with unique items, so if you have a fashionista on your list, look no further than the Tory Burch store. They’ve just started carrying the York crossbody and it comes in a variety of great holiday colours. It’s only available in the retail locations, of which Chinook is home to the only one in Calgary.

Tory Burch | Visit Calgary

- By Mike Morrison