8 Great Pizza Joints in Calgary

Whether you like that old school, greasy deep dish, that more refined thin crust with artisan toppings or somewhere in-between are 8 of the city’s top spots to grab a slice of pizza.

The cool hipster spots:


There is something about a cozy dining room with servers buzzing around the room and chefs tossing pies in and out of a big, flaming oven that really makes dinner fun. Though the pizzas are the edible centrepieces on Posto’s tables, the rest of the menu shouldn’t be ignored. I mean, with beautiful beef carpaccio, swordfish bresola and wild boar meatballs, how could you? (posto.ca)


If you asked 100 Calgarians where their favourite spot to go for pizza would be, I can guarantee that at least 80 of them would say Una. The 17th Avenue establishment just celebrated 5 years in business and remain as busy as ever. The mushroom pizza with grana padano cheese, roasted creminis and arugula, finished with truffle oil, is definitely a best seller, so order that one to start. Wine lovers will appreciate the restaurant’s extensive and well-constructed wine list, whether you are looking for something by the glass or a whole bottle. (unapizzeria.com)


Inglewood has become a hot culinary destination and Without Papers is definitely a big part of that. Located on the second level of a history building, the character space is nice and open, so you can watch the kitchen team make their popular calzones and pizzas like the Hog Wild, topped with garlic sauce, wild boar sausage, salami and rapini. If you’ve got kids in tow, this is definitely a family-friendly spot as well. (wopizza.ca)


The underrated and less conventional:


People often overlook this place, likely because of it’s more sports bar design with more than a few television screens throughout the space, but their thin crust pizzas (square-shaped as opposed to the regular circle) are top notch. After biting into the Blazing Saddle--an odd, but tasty combination of steak, banana peppers, bacon, horseradish aioli, remoulade and more--or the Junior Boy (think fancified Hawaiian)  you’ll see that Beer Revolution so much more about their tasty pizza than it is about the beer and sports games. (beerrevolution.ca)


Not the greatest spot for a sitdown experience, but Gaga is a hidden little gem in the Beltline area, just off of the corner of 12th Avenue and 12th St SW. The chefs here do their pies in two sizes, 8” or 14”, making a great place to grab a quick lunch during a day of traipsing around town. If you’re solo, a deliciously safe bet would be a big ol’ calzone, loaded with tomato sauce, pepperoni and cheese. At only $8.50, you are pretty much winning at life, my friend. (pizzeriagaga.ca)


The classics:


Are you hungry? Like reallllllly hungry? Atlas is can appease any level of appetite with their pies that range from moderate in size (8”) to extra large (14”). Don’t let the diameters fool you, these crusts are thick and the toppings are piled high. There may not be much subtle nuances in terms of flavour combinations here, but sometimes you are just craving a big, salty, cheesy slice of pizza after a night on the town. (atlaspizzasportsbar.com)


A dining institution of the Kensington area, this Italian eatery is pretty much the only spot in town where you can get a truly Neapolitan-style pizza. You know, the ones that can be a little black, but not too burnt, on the bottoms, chewy crusts and a centre that can get a little soggy if you don’t eat it fast enough. Their toppings aren’t nearly as dynamic as other places on this list, but if you want to keep things classic, this is your stop. (pulcinella.ca) 


Similar to Atlas, Spiros is located, more or less, on the other side of town (though their delivery area is much more substantial, which should be noted if you’re wanting your meal to come with you) and offers about 50 or so pizzas to choose from. The crusts are golden and crispy on the outside, making for a great crunch. When it comes to what you want on top, the world is your oyster. Regardless of toppings, I’d strongly suggest substituting meat sauce for the classic tomato. It’s lifechanging. (spirospizza.ca)


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