Dressing for a Winter Wonderland

The weather rarely cooperates with retailers and since stores are usually ahead of the forecast when it comes to seasonal stock—spring attire when it’s still cool and fall wares when it’s hot.

If you’re in the market for new outerwear, consider a few of our favourite styles to spice up your cold-weather closet. 

The belted coat is a nice alternative to the shapeless, sleeping-bag-inspired thing you’ve been sporting so far. We’re all for staying warm but don’t sacrifice your figure in the process. And if you’re already a proud owner of such an item, switch up the belt for a quick and easy update. 

A Canadian winter essential, the parka has gone from utilitarian staple to a chic and sophisticated must-have in the past few seasons. Look for unexpected details like fur trims, pretty pockets or interesting colour combinations to set you apart from the parka crowd.

For a polished and flattering take on winter, you can’t go wrong with a pea coat. The style looks great on every body type and if you’re talking practicality, wool is a winter warmer.

If your coat closet is packed to the max, there are other ways to update your winter wardrobe and get rid of those cold-weather blues. 

Winter accessories—hats, gloves and scarves—not only bring the heat but can also make cold weather chic.

I say toque, you say beanie, they say hat—whatever you call the head-topper (another one!) toques (we’re Canadian, after all) are our favourite winter accessories. We’ve embraced the slouchy version seen on cool kids around town (it looks equally cool on older folk for the record). And don’t be afraid to brighten up your day with a colourful toque (red, green and orange are our picks) or, have fun with texture.

I say snood, you say cowl, they say infinity/circle/tube scarf—whatever you call those cozy and chunky scarves that you slip over your head and sometimes wrap once,
or twice, they are the hottest winter accessory this season. With endless colours and style options, you’ll be warm and cool until spring arrives.