A Spotlight on Calgary's Cultural Ambassadors: Wendy Bélanger

A Spotlight on Calgary's Cultural Ambassadors: Wendy Bélanger

Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign, an initiative spearheaded by Fashion Calgary founders, Ania Basak and Rafal Wegiel, was developed to enhance the recognition of Calgary's burgeoning cultural scene and to bring appreciation to arts and culture in Calgary.

Fashion Calgary collaborates with many different Calgarians in various fields to determine what culture means to them and why Calgary is such a cultural city. Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign 2013 discovered many exceptional Calgarians and leaders within the community and have selected them to be this year's ambassadors.

One of those ambassadors is Wendy Bélanger, one of the most sought after stylists in the industry. When Wendy is not working at her own Salon, Influence Salon in Calgary, she acts as Pureology's International Artistic Director and as a facilitator at Redken Exchange in New York City. Wendy's success, from her appearances on television, to working for fashion week and styling stars at the Oscars, has come from her passion for the industry and her drive to inspire. To read more about Wendy Bélanger, click here.

View Wendy's thoughts on arts and culture in Calgary in the video below.

Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign 2013 - Exclusive interview with Wendy Bélanger by Ania Basak from Fashion Calgary on Vimeo

Fashion CalgaryFashion Calgary Portrait Campaign is an initiative spearheaded by Fashion Calgary founders, Ania Basak and Rafal Wegiel. Basak and Wegiel are devoted to diligently raising the profile of arts and fashion in Calgary though innovative measures and grass roots methods.

In 2012, the campaign featured "the ambassadors" who represented various fields related to culture by presenting their portraits together with their own expressions about the meaning of culture in their life. The completion of Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign 2012 was the Gala event, created to celebrate its success in establishing Calgary as a cultural centre.

In creating this campaign, Basak and Wegiel hope to enhance Calgary's image in the country while encouraging Calgarians to take part in the many arts activities our city has to offer. In the long-term, Fashion Calgary has a strong desire to spread the idea of highlighting the appreciation of art & culture throughout the country of Canada. 

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