Your Guide to River Surfing In Calgary

Looking to try something new on your next trip?

How about River Surfing?

You read right - surfing exists in Alberta, and is growing in popularity every season!

River surfing is one of the world’s hottest emerging sports, and the Calgary area has some of the best waves to conquer.

The river surfing scene is expanding thanks to pioneers like Surf Anywhere – an organization dedicated to building river waves around the world, including The Mountain Wave at Lower Kananaskis River, approximately 45 minutes west of Calgary in Kananaskis Provincial Park, adjacent to the Barrier Lake Visitor Information Centre. They are based in Calgary and ready to fill Calgary's rivers with awesome surf waves. 

Check out the Mountain Wave:

Surf Anywhere is also championing the development of the wave near the 10th Street Bridge, where surfers gather after work on the west side of Downtown Calgary:

River surfers come from around the globe to experience the waves in Calgary and Kananaskis, including Xpat Matt, who recently documented his experiences after getting a taste for the sport on his trip to Calgary a year earlier.

Paddle into the exciting world of river surfing and get started on your own surfing adventure with these resources from the passionate and welcoming Alberta river surfing community:

  • River Surfing in Calgary and Kananaskis - A photo essay from Matt Gibson (Xpat Matt) documenting his trip hosted by Tourism Calgary, where he explored the local river surfing scene. 

  • Outlier River Surf - Making river surfing accessible in Calgary through regularly scheduled lessons, equipment rentals, participation events, and equipment sales.

  • - The original river surfing online community, founded in Calgary. Share ideas, stories, waves, and stoke for the sport from around the world.

  • Alberta River Surfing Discussions - Connect with local river surfers for tips, tricks, and surf sessions happening around Alberta.  

  • Alberta River Surfing Association - Find information about river surfing and connect with surfers in Alberta and around the world.

  • Surf Anywhere - Surf Anywhere is determined to bring good surfing everywhere by building the best river surfing waves in the world.

  • Riverbreak - River surfing’s international magazine, Riverbreak features photographs, profiles, event listings, and a comprehensive map of river waves around the world.

  • Rocky Mountain River Surfing - Giving the landlocked the opportunity to surf to anyone with the willingness to learn.

  • Calgary River Surf Club - Build a new community of river surfers and help grow the emerging surf culture in Alberta.

  • Nomad Gear Rentals - Build your skills with a stand up paddle board session with equipment delivered to your doorstep.

  • Waveslayer Surfboards - Custom shaped boards for river surfers in Calgary designed by New Zealand transplant Jason McQuade.

Please note that this is a fluid list and that the information could change or expand. If you notice any discrepancies on this list or know of any further resources, please contact Tourism Calgary

Always be safe and check up to date river conditions with Alberta Environment and Parks before all river activities.

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