Air Academy

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1, 2139 Pegasus Way N.E.

Experience the thrill of flight!

Discover about all the instruments, flying controls, and their uses before you take off on your journey. The engine noise when applying the throttle, increase in speed and the challenge of remaining on the centre line of the runway before lifting off and climbing skyward - is exhilarating! The AL200MCC is Canada’s most advanced FTD flight simulator. Its enormous database maps all of North and South America.

Choose one of 5 different aircraft and find out what it is really like to fly. Learn the rudiments of taxiing, take offs, and landings day or night in any kind of weather. Head for the Rocky Mountains, circle Mt Assiniboine , then land at Golden before taking off again and climbing up a valley to fly over Glacier National Park.

Fast forward to Vancouver where you take off at night in a thunderstorm; your cockpit is not only flood -lit by the lights of the city below, but also by lightning and rain. After heading out over the ocean, your long approach to Vancouver Airport will give you the challenge of landing – without crashing!

All in good fun!

$195 per hour - including your instructor.

Up to 4 people. By appointment.