Museum of Contemporary Art - MOCA

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The Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary (MOCA Calgary) is an open, viewer friendly forum for the best in contemporary art. MOCA Calgary is the only public visual arts institution in the City of Calgary that is dedicated to the presentation of contemporary Canadian visual arts, architecture and design in the context of international art, and to maintaining a permanent collection pertaining to contemporary visual arts and design from Calgary, Canada and the world. MOCA Calgary is strongly committed to the presentation of contemporary visual artists, architects and designers from Calgary and from other centres across Canada on the international scene (The Netherlands, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Finland, Sweden and China). The Museum is also famed for bringing cultural and artistic wealth from major international art centres to Calgary (Japan, South Korea, China, India, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Israel, Australia, the USA, France, The Netherlands). Aggressive fundraising, a dedicated volunteer corp and fiscal responsibility support our commitment to excellence in programming and provide free access to MOCA Calgary for all.

MOCA Calgary is situated downtown in the Calgary Municipal Building in the plaza, and is in walking distance to the Glenbow Museum, Art Gallery of Calgary, and other cultural institutions. Convenient LRT, public parking, pedestrian and wheelchair access make visiting the Museum enjoyable experience.  The Museum serves the general public, the separate and public school system, college and post-secondary educational systems through its exhibitions and educational programs. Local artists are assisted in their professional development by the opportunity to exhibit and to receive feedback from any discussion with the viewers or critical writing generated by the show. Exhibitions from other national and international art centres provide an occasion for the general public, artists, and art students to contemplate visual culture in a broader context.