6 Shooters

Thu Jul 4 - Fri Aug 2

Eighth Avenue Place, Canon Image Square and SQ Commons is pleased to present a two part, group exhibition of contemporary photography that  depicts  the traditional values of  Western Heritage that remains a normal way of life in many parts of Alberta. Selected works from six photographers, carefully chosen for the unique ability to capture the  value system of community, simplicity, sharing and resourcefulness developed through the tradition of  farming and  principles of living off the land.  For many rural Alberta communities, urbanity has not taken over as   primary influencer on modern life; but rather a continued humbleness, perhaps a psychological connection from the vulnerability of living on such a vast open landscape under a “big open sky”.  Where people connect in town halls and  branding parties, drive pick-up trucks because they still resemble the practicality of wagons,  where people work together to get crops off the fields in time for harvest, and where the horse is still a revered creature.

The second part of this exhibition  takes place during the 2013 Calgary Stampede (scheduled to take place only 14 days after the devastating  Alberta Flood),  when the six shooters are given access to the worlds largest rodeo that celebrates these traditional values of the farming and first nations roots. A selected image from each photographer will be printed and added to the show.