Armature For The Pressurized Body - Vlad Amiot

Sat Feb 1 - Mon Mar 31

Thursday, March 20, 6 to 7 p.m. Refreshments to follow at Wine-Ohs, 811 1 St. S.W.


Essentially a pressurized vessel, the body intuitively processes the action of gravity on internal fluids into a spatial construct through proprioception, a fundamentally internal understanding of self through movement and position that bridges interior and exterior body conditions. In conjunction with gravity, this piece provokes the pressurized body by inhabiting and pressing into the interstitial areas of the musculature and skeleton to generate a relationship that is psychologically phantom-limb-like. It is conceived of and fit as a natural extension of the body, thereby questioning and blurring the boundary between self and other.

VLAD AMIOT is a recent graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Master of Architecture program. The reconciliation of physical and psychological phenomena remains a constant thread throughout his work, and he searches for the territory where architecture transcends its physical constructs and provides equal stimulation to the imaginative and nomadic psyche.