Author Event at Chapters Spectrum Presents "Wetion" by James Allan Krause

Mon Aug 5

Want a tale with a bit of prairie theme? – This Heritage Day learn more about such a work - Come meet James Allan Krause, author of “Wetion” at the Calgary Chapters Spectrum, 4 pm. He’ll tell you more about his latest book, a tale of migration it is. Michael Dunford describes “Wetion” as "an incredibly ambitious original novel featuring the dreamlike journey of Adam and Eve across the world, spanning 50,000 years, 2,000 generations, and the breadth of the Earth from Africa to Canada…" Why so ambitious? Krause will introduce 400 plus pages of historical fiction. But not only that! – “Wetion” includes a play, and lyrics to 14 original songs – it’s a mediamax project for the senses. “Wetion” was four years in the making. This fiction-based-on-fact account of migration from Africa takes readers to ancient places. As the storyline winds its way through the ages, readers relive the epic turning points of history. The characters bring the legends to life in this imaginative tale drawn from the mind’s eye. “Wetion” appeals to readers wanting to imagine how their families got from there to here. You’ll learn how “a twist of fate, a turn of luck, makes future generations.” Need you be reminded of the role communication plays in our survival? And more… You can listen beforehand to The Tracings rendition of the “Wetion Soundtrack” on CBC Radio 3. See you on Heritage Day at the Chapters Spectrum!