Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival

Tue Feb 25 - Sat Mar 15
•The Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival is one of North America's largest amateur classical music festivals. It is one of 245 music festivals that take place in Canada each year. •Over 11,000 amateur musicians and speech arts performers participate in 1,100 classes in 20 categories •Competitive classes include Piano, Vocal, Musical Theatre, Strings, Speech, Woodwind, Brass, Composition, Chinese Ethnic Instruments, Pipe Organ, Percussion, Classical Guitar, Bands, Choirs, Choral Speech, Orchestra, Chamber, Handbells and Harp. •Performers typically range in age from 5 to 25 years. Individuals, school groups from both the public and separate school systems, and community groups are welcome to participate. Times vary/check website for schedule