Chinatown Murals and Mural Tour

Sat Aug 31 - Sat Sep 7

Mural creation has been in the works of CCCSA’s plans since 2007. On August 15, 2009, CCCSA laid 3 boards out on the street during the Chinatown Street Festival and offered the community to imprint a hand print on the board for $1.00. The completed banners were then hung onto a wall of a building in Chinatown along the east side of 2nd Avenue and Centre Street and was given the name “Hands of the Community.” This was the birth of the Mural program. This very first mural in Chinatown was designed to combat graffiti and beautify Chinatown. Since then, another 11 pieces of murals have been created with various themes, materials and backgrounds. Although all different, they share one commonality of representing the Chinese in Calgary.

This year, CCCSA is planning to create another mural on the wall behind the Dragon City Mall in Chinatown to help reduce the graffiti and keep Chinatown a safer and better place to live in.

As the project progress through the years, we see that it is a great opportunity for community engagement, involving community members in different communal activities.

The Mural Tour program was in the planning for the past 5 years which was offset by the creation of various murals in Chinatown from 2009 until present. Each of the murals has their own story, reason for existence and theme. In the mural tours, we hope to deliver the message that each of the murals convey to build and strengthen cultural and historical awareness amongst Calgarians.
The Mural Tour is usually offered every weekend during the summer time. Advanced booking is preferred:).