Corporations in our Heads

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Mon Nov 11 - Sun Nov 10

Corporations in our Heads is a new and exciting undertaking that investigates how the messages from corporations have colonized our individual and collective psyche and affect our relationships with each other, with ourselves, and with the planet in profound ways. But this project hopes to be more than just an investigation - we have a desire for Corporations in our Heads to move into transformative action! How? By making each event relevant, at a grassroots level, to each community in which it happens and by collaborating with individuals and organizations in each community who can take the momentum generated by each event and use it to move forward on local community issues. There is no play, no actors and no script. We are touring a process in which the whole evening of theatre comes from the audience each night. Each night is focused on identifying the corporate messages in the consciousness of the community at each event and seeking ways to overcome and/or change our relationship to those messages in ways that are healthier for us as individuals and also for the planet.