Cowpuncher CD Release with Chron Goblin & Napalmpom

Sat Nov 23

$12 in Advance at and Sloth Records

Cowpuncher Audiences have long known that Cowpuncher offer up one of the most energetic parties around. Now the five-piece Calgary-based band is ready to release Ghost Notes, its third full-length album, and have big plans to spread the word. After releasing 2010’s Brown Album and 2011’s Call Me When You’re Single, the band pared down its membership from seven to five players, to what they call their “Commando Unit,” a tighter, leaner version. With the permanent line-up poached from a wide array of local bands, Ghost Notes represents a new sense of focus and commitment — a clearer vision, more thoughtful songwriting, and a keen determination to take on audiences from far and wide.

Napalmpom Napalmpom plays celebratory rock & roll so good even the band members air guitar along to it. They are currently working on their debut LP - 'Ashes Ashes,' to be released spring 2014.

From the smoke-filled rooms of university to beer-stained stages across western Canada and abroad, Chron Goblin have been spreading the stoke wherever they go. Filling bars and venues alike since their 2009 inception, the party-hardened four-piece have amassed a loyal fan base with their addictive on-stage energy as well as two intoxicating rock concoctions: a self-titled EP in 2010 and 2011’s acclaimed full-length One Million From The Top and their latest effort - Life Is For The Living.