Dirty Laundry: The Hotel St. Savon

Tue Feb 12 - Mon May 13

It's September, 1945. World War II has just ended. Soldiers are heading home, couples are reuniting, and life is returning to normal. But at an old and majestic hotel on the east coast of the United States, life is far from peaceful. Bodacious bellboys, vicious veterans, brazen barmen, nasty nurses, onerous owners, glamorous guests, and maids who give a whole new meaning to room service. The rooms are expensive, but the passion is complimentary. It's luxury, lechery, and lust, when you join us for Season 13 at The Hotel St. Savon!

Dirty Laundry presents weekly episodes of a long-form plot that runs all season long. Each episode is a two hour performance of improvised comedy that stands on its own. Everything that happens on stage is made up on the spot.