Dirty Laundry's Season 14: Legal Briefs

Tue Sep 17 - Mon May 12

Calgary’s completely live, completely improvised comedy soap opera Dirty Laundry presents SEASON 14: LEGAL BRIEFS!

Welcome to the offices of Downy, Downy, Maytag, and Ward, a powerful and pricy law firm that specializes in defending the richest and sleaziest of clients. For the partners at this firm the terms “restraining order”, “cross examination” and “binding agreement” mean something entirely different. Big business, mafiosos, celebrity murders—it’s all billable hours to these legal eagles. They handle all cases… and they do it all ‘in chambers.’ There’s nothing this legal team won’t do to get their clients off!

Improv comedy troupe, Dirty Laundry, presents weekly episodes of an improvised soap opera that runs all season long. Everything that happens on stage is made up on the spot!

Monday Nights @ 7:30 pm
Lunchbox Theatre (base of the Calgary Tower)
September 16 – December 16, 2013 & February 3 – May 12, 2014
**No shows some Mondays. Check website for complete schedule.