Doors Open YYC

Fri Sep 27 - Sun Sep 29

For the last weekend in September, many of Calgary’s most intriguing and beloved sites will get naked for Doors Open YYC. For this one weekend, buildings in all quadrants of the city are opening their doors – free of charge – to the public and providing special revealing tours and behind-the-scenes experiences. Whether you’re a geek for history, architecture, the environment, art, sports, science or engineering, this is your chance at an insider’s view of Calgary’s vibrant and dynamic cityscape.

Sites include Alberta Children's Hospital KidSIM Simulation Centre, Calgary Civic Centre, Colonel Walker House, Hillhurst Cottage School, Shepard Landfill, Traffic Management Centre, Nickle Galleries and more.

Doors Open is a well-established and highly successful international concept that allows people free access to buildings in order to create enthusiasm for heritage and contemporary architecture, and increase the appreciation of historic and culturally significant places and spaces. This year is Calgary’s second annual Doors Open event. The event is planned and organized by the Doors Open Calgary Association, a registered non-profit organization with a volunteer board.