How To Make a Monster - the Art and Technology of Animatronics

Sat Feb 9 - Sun Jun 30

From the flying aliens featured in the movie Pitch Black, to the giant crocodile in Peter Pan, John Cox's Creature Workshop has created some of the world’s coolest animatronic movie visuals. How To Make A Monster - the Art and Technology of Animatronics, is the first major travelling exhibition to come to TELUS Spark and will make it's Canadian debut here in Calgary on February 9, 2013! An awesome example of how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) all go into making movie magic, How To Make A Monster creates an opportunity for audiences to become animatronic puppeteers, lighting technicians, creature designers and more! Visitors will experience how steel, wire, nuts, pulleys and miniature motors are combined to create the bones and muscles that bring animatronic creatures to life. Expect to touch the alien guts from Pitch Black, run Inspector Gadget into a stop sign, manoeuver Megalania (an ancient Australian mega-reptile), and even direct a dinosaur. This internationally-shown exhibition focuses on the skills and processes, as well as the art and technology that goes into creating and building the monsters seen in some of our favourite block-buster films and TV shows. Exhibits featuring characters from films such as George of the Jungle 2, Pitch Black, Inspector Gadget 2 and various other movie and television productions help to illustrate the creature-making process from start to finish – including storyboarding and concept design, to the actual manufacture of fantasy creatures and realistic animals. Coming to Calgary from Australia, this world-class showing was created by John Cox’s Creature Workshop. Cox is a visual effects expert who received an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for his work on the movie Babe (1995).