Lady Windermere's Fan

Fri Apr 12 - Sat Apr 20

Presented by Gas & Light Productions.

With the gift of a beautiful fan from her loving husband, Lady Windermere’s happiness is only added to as she prepares for her coming-of-age party. When two sets of friends, however, tell her that her perfect world is going to come undone, they upset more than the tea cart. The first caller, the dashing Lord Darlington, intimates that she should console herself with him because her husband is untrue to her; the second, the gossipy Duchess of Berwick, tells her bluntly that all London knows that Windermere is in the arms of the mysterious and fascinating Mrs. Erlynne. What Lady Windermere chooses to do next will affect her marriage and her whole life.

A drama with many comedic touches, Wilde’s play is a commentary on the unequal position of women and men in Victorian/Edwardian society. It was his first produced play, and it was an instant success on the London stage. Critics and audiences alike were charmed by Wilde’s trademark wit and intelligence.