Sarah Van Sloten: Porcupin 2uill

Fri May 24 - Sat Jun 29

Porcupin 2uill creates the illusion of space on the surface of the gallery's walls by diagramming images which oscillate between flatness and infinite space and encourages the viewer to discover in what ways they are visually digesting the paintings.

Tangible, physical things such as tables, computers and plants, which occupy real space, are perceived as three-dimensional forms, around which we must manoeuvre and navigate. Through photography, map-making, or drawing, physical forms become visually flattened. They are presented on a flat surface, while they still represent real objects; thus the reduction of 3D materials onto 2D surfaces creates a new form in a new visual language while still evoking the vestiges of the space it previously inhabited.

Drawing images directly on the wall produces a similar visual phenomenon. The audience may be able to distinguish quickly that the painted image on the wall is perceptibly flat, but the image also endeavours to provide volume within its surface via the mark-making. An interesting fluctuation then begins within the viewer's eye. Through the use of colour, texture and line within the painted surface, the image, though without actual physical dimension, will appear in some areas as though it bulges, sinks or warps the wall, acting perhaps in a similar way to water, sunlight or cloud-forms modify the interpretation of visual depth.

Artist Bio: Sarah van Sloten(V.S.)'s work is mostly installation-based, and involves the application of paint on a variety of found surfaces. Her work is primarily focussed on employing visual tricks to alter the way things are typically viewed. Sarah V.S. has worked out of The Bakery studios, Avalanche!, and now currently resides at Pith. She has shown at TRUCK, The Straw Gallery, The Contemporary Art Museum, Haight Gallery, and most recently Avalanche! Art Institute.

Exhibition Runs: May 24-June 29 2013
Opening Reception: May 24, 8-11pm
Artist Talk: Thursday, June 27th @ 7pm