Vanity Fare

Fri Mar 22 - Sat May 4

Craig Le Blanc's Vanity Fare delves into the world of masculine culture and unearths its contemporary symbols in the form of large-scale sculpture and relief work. Le Blanc supplants recognizable objects with a chapter from his own story and experience, told autobiographically. Joysticks, a classic muscle car, sports equipment and the lonely sea turtle comprise some of the art, which underpin the glossy, competitive image of the ideal man. By utilizing familiar subject matter that society associates with masculinity (games of competition, cars as symbols of ego and the whimsical, solitary turtle), Le Blanc’s body of work poignantly reveals how society has driven manhood.

According to the artist, ”The heart of my art practice is, in a word, accessibility…I employ humour as a portal for accessibility, a right of entry for the viewer giving the work an opportunity to resonate… I look at common views regarding the inherent typecasts of men and ultim ately the emasculation of the contemporary male as disseminated by social and media driven portrayals.”

Craig Le Blanc works in sculpture and installation, re-contextualizing objects associated with gender, infusing vulnerability into stereotypical notions of vigour and virility. His work demonstrates a strong conceptual approach, matched by a superb material outcome. Le Blanc was educated at the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design (BFA, 1997), L’Ecole Nationale Superiere des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1996), and the University of Calgary in Computational Media Design (MFA, 2011). He has been the recipient of several awards including the Enbridge Emerging Artist Award for the Visual Arts, (2004). His work can be found in private and corporative collections across Canada.