Calgary Olympic Plaza

Fiestaval is a 3-day FREE multicultural arts and entertainment festival highlighting the Latin American Culture. It is an opportunity to support Calgary’s Latin community while encouraging multiculturalism among all Calgarians. Central to its distinction is that Fiestaval is a FREE, family-oriented alternative for celebrating multicultural arts and entertainment in Calgary.

Fiestaval will take place in the heart of downtown Calgary at the Calgary Olympic Plaza on July 17, 18 and 19 2015.

Fiestaval’s vision is:

1. To enhance the pride and community among all citizens of Latin America through a celebratory expression of the Latin America culture.

2. To share the beauty of the diverse Latin American cultures with fellow Calgarians.

3. To promote understanding and respect among all peoples making up the diverse population of Alberta.

Fiestaval’s mission is:

To provide a free multicultural event of excellence promoting an opportunity to experience Latin American arts, rhythms, and flavors. Fiestaval will showcase the culture of Calgary’s Latin community and the vitality of the various Latin American heritages. It will advocate cultural awareness and organize activities to enhance multiculturalism in Calgary