Salsita Mexican Food Market

777 Northmount Dr. N.W.

Salsita is a “boutique” Mexican deli/market. We offer specialty salsas made daily with fresh produce (no preservatives or canned ingredients). Eat-in or take-out lunches for under $10. A variety of dishes prepared in-house for home consumption, Mexican grocery and produce, corn tortillas, desserts, catering for both corporate and individuals, and Mexican cooking classes.

Take a trip to Salsita and discover our home-made red and green enchilada sauces including our spicy mole sauce prepared with real Mexican chocolate. Popular menu items include a variety of Mexican soups, burritos, quesadillas, tacos: fish, pulled pork and beef, enchiladas, chiles rellenos, taquitos, tamales, empanadas, sopes. 

Our Learn ‘n Dine cooking classes are held once a month. Guests learn to prepare a 3-course meal, from scratch. Then, Dinner is served! See website for details

Celiac or lactose intolerant? We customize to suit your needs.

Because Mexican food is based on corn products, 95% of our food is gluten-free.

Planning a Mexican themed party? Don’t want to spend the day in the kitchen? Sit back and relax! Call us at 403-289-2202 and place your order for a mouth-watering menu that will satisfy both you and your guests. Also, don’t forget to pick up some party accessories to create the perfect ambiance.

But if you love cooking and want to do it yourself, we have the real ingredients and the gadgets: tortilla warmers, presses, lime squeezers, etc. Bring your recipes and we’ll help you put together the ingredients. We will also throw in some useful tips.

Easily accessible. This central location is 15 minutes from City Centre.