Symons Valley Ranch - Farmer's Market

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14555 Symons Valley Rd. N.W.

Symons Valley Ranch Farmers’ Market - A little taste of country right in the city.

Perched along the edge of the city’s northwest, Symons Valley Ranch’s rustic log buildings, pet ducks and western village, along with its Symons Roadhouse restaurant capture the flavor of Alberta’s ranching heritage right in the city.

A soulful gathering place, Calgary’s newest year-round farmers market (and the only one in the north) offers organic produce, free-range meats, artisan food as well as one-of-a-kind garments and crafts. And, if you’re looking for something to do or a place to take the family on the weekend, Symons Valley Ranch presents an array of activities – from planting workshops to bicycle maintenance -- to engage the young and the old.

Come, sample the ranch, connect with friends and make some new ones and experience the best of what’s lovingly produced and hand hewn.

Symons Valley Ranch Farmers’ Market is open all year round, Friday from 10am- 6pm and Saturday- Sunday from 10am – 5pm.