Calgary Outdoor Centre - University of Calgary

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Kinesiology B-180, 2500 University Dr. N.W.


     Join us for an outdoor adventure! Learn how to Ice Climb,

     Cross-Country Ski, Hang Glide or Kayak. You can take an Avalanche

     Skills Training or a Wilderness First Aid course, go on an Alpine

     Touring Ski trip or learn how to Rock Climb. We also have

     extended Canoe or Backpacking Trips.


     Only around for a few days? Why not join us for a Day Hike or

     Snowshoe trip (perfect for out-of-towners) or create your own

     custom trip with the help of our program coordinators. Go to our

     website, check out our current program guide or call 403-220-5038

     for more information.


     If you don't have your gear with you, we have quality gear (over

     10,000 items) for rent at competitive prices.


     You'll find the Calgary Outdoor Centre on the University of

     Calgary Campus near the Olympic Oval. To park in the 15-minute

     loading zone, take 24th Ave. N.W. west from Crowchild Trail, and


     turn right on University Gate.