Olympic Oval

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2500 University Dr. N.W.

The Olympic Oval, located on the University of Calgary Campus, is a world class speed skating and high performance sport facility dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and health and wellness for all. Home to the Fastest Ice in the World™, 287 world records have been set at the Oval in both long and short track speed skating since opening day in 1987. Aside from playing host to numerous speed skating competitions every year, the Oval also offers high performance training, public skating, and public running, which is enjoyed by residents, visitors, and students alike. The facility acts mainly as a winter sport establishment, but opens its doors as an ice-out venue during the spring months. Always working to maintain the facility’s legacy as being “The Best Ever”, the Olympic Oval looks forward to the installation of a brand new running track, the launch of summer skating camps, a Long Track World Allround Championship, and a World Masters Games, all coming up during the 2014/2015 season.