Shooting Edge

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7600 Blackfoot Tr. S.E.

So maybe you've always wanted to learn to shoot. Or maybe it's your favourite hobby. Either way, The Shooting Edge is a facility that can help you out. If you aren't schooled, they'll show you how to fire a pistol or gun in a safe environment. And if you're an old hand at it, they'll give you a safe place to hone your skills.

The facility can accommodate pistol and rifles of all calibres up to 0.50 BMG. There's also retail space, which sells just about everything you'll want if you like to hunt or shoot competitively. There's also a Certified Swiss Gunsmith on-site (that's a gun-maker, in case you didn't know).

The Shooting Edge welcomes licensed shooters and unlicensed guests alike. There are annual memberships and day passes available. So if you've never fired a Glock but wonder what it would feel like, here's your chance to try it out.