Mountain View Helicopters

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Springbank Airport, 402A Otter Bay

For some of us, it's not enough to see the mountains from the ground up. Some of us want to see them from above, the way they look in those great ads that beg you to come check out the powder.

Luckily, there's Mountain View Helicopters, who will take you on a sky-high trip full of mountain vistas, city skylines and rolling prairie – whatever strikes you. Their four-seat R44 Raven II helicopter ensures everyone has a good view, so there's no jostling for a window seat.

Tours last from under 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, and cover locales like the city of Calgary, Horseshoe Canyon, the foothills, Ghost Lake and Kananaskis. There's also an "a la carte" option that lets you design your own tour.

If being a passenger isn't enough, you can take flight lessons here, too. Learn to pilot your own 'copter through their flight school.

You'll find Mountain View Helicopters at the Springbank Airport and in Drumheller.