Tourism Calgary at Rendezvous Canada

Rendezvous Canada (Ottawa, Ontario May 12-15, 2013)

Hosted by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), Rendezvous Canada (RVC) is Canada’s premier international tourism marketplace, bringing together international buyers and Canadian sellers of tourism products and services. Close to 1,500 tourism delegates attended. Tourism Calgary had two full schedules, each with 150 12-minute appointments over three days. The breakdown of appointments by market: 75 buyers from America (39 Canada, 36 U.S.), 86 buyers from Europe and Australia (27 U.K., 19 Germany, 8 Australia), 138 buyers from Asia (47 China, 19 Japan). 

Tourism Calgary also hosted a dinner on the final evening, for key product managers and the Tourism Calgary members that attended the show. A total of 23 key account tour operators from Europe, Australia and the U.S. attended the dinner along with 15 Tourism Calgary members. This dinner was well received, and is an excellent way to grow partnerships with Calgary’s key tour operators. Tourism Calgary will continue to host this dinner at RVC next year.