Calgary Visitor Volume & Spending Research

Visitor and Spending Statistics

This section provides the latest data available on tourism in the Calgary metropolitan area (CMA). Here you will find the total number of visitors, where these visitors come from, and how much they spend during their visit. Detailed tourism survey data for 2011 for the Calgary CMA is currently being compiled by Statistics Canada, and will be published in this location when released.

Occupancy Statistics

Calgary Monthly and Year-to-Date Occupancy Statistics

Visitor and Spending Statistics

Geographic Market Origin of Visitors to Calgary and Area (2008-2010)
Find out where Calgary and area visitors come from.

Spending by Visitors to Calgary and Area (2008-2010)
Learn about the spending patterns of Calgary and area visitors.

Visitor Volume and Spending in Calgary and Area (2006-2010)
This summary table illustrates total visitor volume and spending in Calgary and area.

Visitor Spending by Industry Sector in Calgary and Area (2008-2010)
Find out how visitors to Calgary and area spend their money during their visit.